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About Us


who we are

The Philippine Astronomical Society (PAS), or Lipunang Pandalubtalaan ng Pilipinas in Filipino, is the first ever astronomical organization in the Philippines, established in 1971. PAS is a dynamic, harmonious, research and leisure-oriented, nonprofit, non-stock astronomical society that aims to propel astronomy education toward the achievement of scientific excellence among Filipinos. It gives free lectures, public viewings, astro-camps, and out-of-town observations as public outreach programs in astronomy and astrophysics.

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what we do

PAS commits itself to promote and support the Society’s vision through education, research, out-of-town observations, instrumentation, and science camps throughout the country. Its goals are as follows:
1.      Foster widespread interest in the study of Astronomy.
2.      Disseminate astronomical information in the Philippines and abroad.
3.      Design and construct telescopes and other optical apparatus.
4.      Establish and maintain an astronomical center and planetarium in Manila.
5.      Provide the public with a basic knowledge of Astronomy in order to stimulate interest in this science.

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our seal

The official seal of the Philippine Astronomical Society is inscribed in a circle within a larger circle, which is symbolic of the vast outer space that humanity has always been longing to explore and to understand, illustrating the concept of the quantum world within the universe.

The central figure in the seal is a reflecting telescope, symbolizing the continuous quest for scientific knowledge. In front of the focus are three stars, representing Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao: expressing the vision of entrenching firmly the science of Astronomy in the Philippines.

At the bottom of the telescope is the moon, which symbolizes Man’s first step of its exploration. The top right of this is a spiral galaxy, representing the distant universe and the cosmos, which humans seek to explore.

The rope connecting the symbols depicts the unity of common interests, hopes, and desires bound together for the advancement of astronomy and astrophysics in the Philippines.
Philippine Astronomical Society Logo