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PAS October 2015 Meeting

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WHAT - PAS Regular Monthly Meeting

WHEN - October 17, 2015; 2-5 pm

WHERE - Miriam College High School

Katipunan Ave, QC

LMC Viewing Rooms 1 and 2



DIRECTIONS: Please enter Miriam College campus through Gate 2, right across Savemore and footbridge.

Kindly contact Events Chair Hernan Dizon at 09184638951 on or before October 9 to register. Registration is free. Open to PASers and guests.

PAS June meeting

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It was a rainy afternoon last June 27 but still more than 50 persons attended the PAS monthly meeting at the Quezon City Science Interactive Building in Bago Bantay, Quezon City. Participants learned new things from the free lecture given by our BOD Chairman Milo Dacanay.

Manila Observatory's 150TH Anniversary

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The Philippine Astronomical Society had its tour of the Manila Observatory's (MO) 150th Anniversary Exhibit "Discoveries" last May 23 from 9:30AM to 12 PM.


No less than Dr. Obiminda Cambiliza and Dr. Quirino Sugon (MO's research scientists), were our topnotch tour guides assisted by Mariel Templanza.


"Discoveries" showcases the beginnings of the Manila Observatory and comprehensively pointed out the very important functions it played during the Spanish times when the Jesuits manning the Observatory played the key roles in weather forecasting, seismology, astronomy, etc. in the Philippines - all under the innovation and scientific genius of the Jesuit priests.


This first Exhibit will be shown until June 15, to be replaced by the next phase showing the development of the Manila Observatory after World War II, and the third and final phase will be on its current structures and programs.

PAS Overnight Stargazing May 16-17, 2015 at Big Handy's Grounds, Cuyumbay, Tanay

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How can I forget these? The experience, the place, the people, the pets, the Milky Way above our heads, the big breakfast, the bonding - ooooh la la! Simply unforgettable!


"Dearest PAS family and Co May 1617 co Milkywayers, (FROM ERNIE AND MAY SERRANO)


From the soles of my feet to the brims of my tear ducts, THANK YOU for blessing our grounds with your presence, you Heart Warming kindnesses, your generosity of knowledge, your incredible "back stories", your artful skills, your smiles, your music and your happies! Thank you for giving Big Handy's such a wonderful purpose! The image of a galaxy of tents and campers under the our awesome home galaxy is forever etched in my memory. When I close my eyes, I see all of you (and sometimes Omega Centauri)

"Just as mythology tells us that the gods placed their favorite heroes and heroines in the heavens so they can gaze upon them and inspire all who see them, I believe that the God that oversees Big H placed you forever in our hearts for the very same reason. We are inspired by you!


My Dad (the human Big Handy his angel bday is today) used to sing this song all the time,


now my soul sings it to you:


may the good Lord bless and keep you, whether near or far away.


may you find that long awaited Golden day today.


may your troubles all be small ones, and your fortunes 10 times 10


may the good Lord bless and keep you till we meet again.


may you walk with sunlight shining with a bluebird in every tree


may there be a silver lining behind every cloud you see.


Fill your dreams with sweet tomorrows, never mind what might have been


May the good Lord bless and keep you till we meet again!


Our most heartfelt and thankful hugs,


Ernie, May, Ella, Satchmo, Ox, Yagi and Messi"





"Wahh I'm still trying to collect my thoughts. Had the most awesome stargazing and camping experience with Philippine Astronomical Society peeps. Soo much fun with wonderful and amazing people!! Lying down in the night sky under lots and lots of stars and the Milky Way beside Scorpio (my favorite constellation) was one of the best moments of my life! plus we saw 2 galaxies at the same time!!! Milky Way + Andromeda! A passion for learning more about astronomy has been sparked inside of me thanks to PAS. I couldn't help but get fangirl/fanboy feels when sir Reginald was discussing about stars and galaxies. ang galing!!! sir reg you're amazing!! Big Handy's has become my happy place. Everytime I go there with friends to see Big M, Big E, and all the doges (Ella, Satchmo, Ox, Yagi, and new friend Messi) I end up being filled with hope, happiness, and positivity. When I'm there I feel like things are going to be okay. Thank you for everything BigHandy'sGrounds Serrano, thank you Bruno Exiomo for introducing me to PAS and for being a wonderful friend." Mask Grant



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FRIDAY APRIL 24 - I thought I was early to arrive at 7:00 AM at the Jam Liner Station in Kamias, but I was surprised to see several members there who arrived 6:30 AM or earlier. According to them, they were too excited to be able to sleep and just had to go to the meeting place early.


We took the 8:30 trip to Batangas Port - 16 of us. Love Nufable, who lived at Alabang, was to meet us at the Port for she lived closer to Jam Liner at Pasay. We missed the 11:30 boat by few minutes after our bus was stopped somewhere in Laguna for a ticket that delayed our trip. Next boat departure was 11:45 so we took that. However, to our dismay and especially to those who haven't had breakfast, our boat left at 12:45 PM, in time for Bruno Exiomo's arrival who came late. We had to scamper for any snacks that our tour mates may have brought with them to ease our mounting hunger.


We arrived at White Beach past 1:00 PM. The hotel owners wanted to give us our Welcome Drinks right away, but we opted to get settled in our respective hotel rooms first, leave our stuff, and come back for the drinks.


Wow! Real thirst quenching after the long trip and mid-day heat at Puerto Galera. Others in our group preferred to eat in other restaurants, but Josuel Racca prevailed on us to order the group meals. For 100p each, we literally had so much delicious food and sumptuous lunch! We had our respective personal activities after that. Some went for the swim; others for the crazy tube, parasailing, banana boat, etc. Staying just at the beach was such a calming, refreshing sight.


We had our stargazing starting at 10:PM (after dinner and after watching the night shows) at the far end of the beach where there was no light, no music, no noise. The moon set at 11:30 PM, and the Milky Way peeked an hour later. Reginald Quinto was the nonstop lecturer for the group, pointing to all the planets, deep-sky objects, constellations. How lucky we were for that clear sky at Puerto Galera. We ended the stargazing at 2 PM.


SATURDAY APRIL 25 - While Josuel Racca left at 7 AM for Manila, Johanna and Caesar Lopez, Jr. arrived at 11:00 AM, in time for our Saturday activities - picnic lunch and buko session at the coconut plantation of Reggie Quinto's family; view and swimming at Tamaraw Falls;another swimming at Aplayang Munti where the bigger waves made the group constantly shriek after they were swept to the shore.


We arrived back at our hotel at 7:00 PM and had group dinner again at the Cafe de Paris Hotel beach area, while watching the night shows. The group had the second stargazing session in same end of the beach.


SUNDAY APRIL 26 - Oh boy, Sunday was sort of a depressing day. We were scheduled to leave White Beach at 1:30 PM. Most spent the half day shopping for souvenirs. I had to settle our hotel fees. Luckily, the hotel owner gave us a big discount and charged us 500p each for our two-night stay.


Thanks to all the 20 participants. We enjoyed the trip so much!!! Thanks to Reggie Quinto for the free picnic lunch and buko session and for handling the activities of our second day at Puerto Galera.


We started the trip as strangers to some who we met for the first time, but we left as friends. It was quite hard to part after the bonding we have made for three days. VE



American University of Cairo Visit

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by Victoria Evarretta



Did you know that 17 guests from the American University of Cairo, Egypt visited the Philippines for 11 days last April 3 to 11? Yep, they closely coordinated with the Philippine Astronomical Society for their coming.


They were particularly interested in the Taal Volcano, the underground cave and El Nido of Palawan. Being members of their local AUC Astronomy Club, they also specifically requested to visit a planetarium, museum, observatory, and a university; thus, PAS took them to the National Museum Planetarium, PAGASA Astronomical Observatory, Mind Museum, and a campus tour of the University of the Philippines.


As soon as they arrived at 4 PM on April 9 from their 3-day tour of Palawan, they motored straight to UP Diliman for their campus tour and photoshoots at UP Admin Bldg; and then, escorted by Engr. Camilo Dacanay and Hernan Dizon, they proceeded to the PAGASA Astronomical Observatory at UP for their two-hour stargazing of the Philippine sky using the Observatory's 14-inch Goto telescope. They were welcomed and assisted by PAGASA's Weather Specialists Mario Raymundo and Rene de Leon.


April 10 got everyone worried. We heard one member was hospitalized. They were supposed to go on their one-day tour of Taal Volcano but they ended up not pushing through with the plan. It turned out that the body rashes one student got were allergies to the sun! Oh well, they spent the whole day shopping at SM MOA instead with Ronald Tanco as their guide.


The whole day of April 11 was loaded with activities. They had the free planetarium show at 8 AM (courtesy of Planetarium's Curator Bel Pabunan), then the lecture by Engr. Dacanay as they requested. Due to lack of time, the group no longer visited the scheduled National Museum.


Instead, PAS treated the Egyptian students and their professor to a farewell lunch at a seaside restaurant along Manila Bay. Did they love the food? So much! Oh, how they loved the seafood. Ronald was just smiling ear-to-ear when he gave me feedback on how they enjoyed the Filipino-Chinese-Spanish all-you-can-eat dishes. For PAS hosts who feared their possible do and don't eat, their expressed love for the foods served was fulfilling enough for PAS.


They visited the Mind Museum after lunch, but they opted to cut the viewing time by one hour because they wanted to shop some more before their departure.


The American University of Cairo students led by Sandy Moghazi and their professor left for Cairo, Egypt at 11:55 PM on April 11.


A future joint mutual cooperation project between the American University of Cairo Astronomy Club and the Philippine Astronomical Society has been agreed on.

PAS March 2015 Regular Monthly Meeting

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National Astronomy Week 2015

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7:00-8:00 - Registration


8:00-8:30 - Contest Briefing


8:30-11:30 - Essay, Poster-Making, Photo-Essay Contests


8:30-9:30 - Astro-Quiz Elimination Round (HS and College)


9:30-10:00 - Break


10:00-11:30 - Astro Quiz Final Round


11:30-1:30 - Lunch Break





1:30 - Invocation

1:35 - Welcome Remarks, Dean Maria Dacanay

1:45 - Announcement of Contests' winners and Awarding




PASer Adrian Saldana's huge collection of Rocket Models will be on exhibit.


Teachers, coaches, parents, friends of contestants are not allowed in the rooms where contests will be held, although they may watch the Astro-Quiz Final Round outside the Contest area. They may spend the time instead to view/study the Rockets' Exhibit and to check PAS Souvenirs that will also be on display for sale.


Further NAW details during the week will be posted as soon as confirmed.

January 31, 2015 Observation

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The supposed observation at PAGASA last Jan 17 was cancelled due to Typhoon Amang. Said overnight observation starting 6pm to dawn the next day for Comet Lovejoy, DSOs, and the 5 planets Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Mars, Mercury was rescheduled scheduled on January 31 Saturday at MANILA OBSERVATORY roof deck, Ateneo de Manila, Loyola Heights, QC.


Following are the comments of the PASers and guests who joined the observation:


1. You've seen objects from comet C/2014 Lovejoy Q2 to the Orion constellation, to the ISS and even up to Scorpius! Such a big and wonderful crowd! Thanks to everyone who attended this event! REGINALD QUINTO


2. Thank you very much Philippine Astronomical Society! It was a pleasure to see you all again! It's a valuable experience for enthusiasts like us to have a venue where we get first hand experience and the opportunity to ask our questions. Thank you for being so generous with your knowledge and patient with our questions! Our brains are full and happy! I wish we had the stamina to stay through the night. We hope to have you over at" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Big Handy's Grounds again someday! Clear skies! BIG HANDY'S GROUNDS SERRANO


3. The International Space Station was witnessed later this evening thanks to Sir" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Edmund Rosales for the information and everyone is enjoying his interactive and lively lecture, too bad i have to go home early. NICO MENDOZA


4. I would like to congratulate PAS for another astronomically inspired day (or night, perhaps). It seems that everyone has been enjoying Sir Edmund's and Sir Regz's lectures ever since, inculcating, reflecting, and appreciating the same night sky that kept enveloping us with wonder since who-the-heck-knows. GOH JAN MARVIN


5. Thank you PAS especially to Mr" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Reginald Quinto and Prof Ed Rosales.We really had a great time. MARK AYALA IBIS


6. Wow! After 8000 years? I'm lucky to have seen Comet Lovejoy last night. MARVI REPUYA


Thank you, Hernan Dizon, Events Chair, for making this observation possible through your MO coordination and steadfast help.

Mt. Pulag, Comet Lovejoy, and Frozen!

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100 Years of General Relativity

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Comet Lovejoy

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by John Nassr

After the December 24 tail disconnection, the tail of Comet Lovejoy appears to be brightening again in these two images taken on December 25 and 26 at Stardust Observatory, Baguio City, Philippines.

Fr. Victor Badillo Passes Away

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The Philippine Astronomical Society deeply mourns the passing away of Fr. Victor Badillo - the much-acclaimed Father of Philippine Astronomy, the PAS great founder, and the PAS unsurpassed president for 20 years.


He died on October 26 at 7:33 AM. Wake was held at the Loyola School of Studies, Ateneo de Loyola University campus where the funeral mass was similarly held on Wednesday October 29.


"Those we love remain with us for love itself lives on, and cherished memories never fade because a loved one’s gone. Those we love can never be more than a thought apart. For as long there is a memory, they’ll live on in our hearts." - Author Unknown


You will be in our hearts and minds forever, Fr. Badillo. Every PASer cherishes your memory and considers it their lifetime treasure for having you as their mentor in astronomy, their inspiration, and their personal friend.



As Simple As An Electron, As Massive As A Nucleus” by Engr. Camilo Dacanay

We're Everywhere!

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A series of public outreach activities in astronomy education related to environmental concerns are in store these coming months for the Philippine Astronomical Society.


Engr. Camilo Dacanay, PAS BOD Chairman, has been invited to lecture at Sagada, Mt. Province on November 7, 2014, together with other Eco-Naturalist resource speakers. He will discuss the topic "The Science Behind Our Ecology As We Know It" from 4:00 to 6:00 PM; the stargazing follows until midnight.


On yet unspecified dates will be same lecture/stargazing events at Kabayan, Benguet and Mt. Pulag.

PAS Educational Trip

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The Philippine Astronomical Society will have an educational trip for PASers and guests to the National Museum (MUSEUM OF THE FILIPINO PEOPLE) and the NM Planetarium this coming Saturday October 25.




12 NN - 12:30 PM - Assembly at Museum of the Filipino People main entrance

12:30 - 3:00 PM - View all NM Exhibits (free admission)

3:30 - 4:30 PM - Planetarium LAST show (free show)

5:00 - 6:30 PM - KKB snacks/dinner for those interested


The last Planetarium show is at 3:30 PM. Please have an early lunch.



There are too many National Museum exhibits to view so the allotted time. The Museum of Art Gallery at building across is optional to view if there's still time before the Planetarium show. After the National Museum tour, the group will proceed to the Planetarium - a short walk from the National Museum.


Save your Saturday for a date with Philippines' historical past and priceless treasures!! You can bring your family and guests.


Please contact Hernan Dizon at 09184638951 for further details and for coordination during the tour. If you get lost, just meet the group at the first floor main entrance at 3:00 pm or call Hernan for directions. Also, if you would rather go on your own, please note that the Museum exhibits are open on Sundays but the Planetarium is closed on Sundays and Mondays.


DIRECTIONS FOR COMMUTERS: Take LRT and get off at UN. Walk to National Museum of the Filipino People. Or take the bus going Quiapo at get off at Sta. Isabel College or PNU and walk to National Museum. Because of the limited time, PAS will visit the Museum of Filipino People for the archaeological, anthropological, zoological, botanical, geological exhibits.

Orionid Meteor Shower Observation

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UPCOMING PAS EVENT!! This event is free and open to the public. It will be held at the Manila Observatory roof deck from 8pm on October 18 to 6am on October 19.


An excellent year for this shower because there will be only a slim crescent moon in the sky during the shower’s peak hours. These meteors stem from the most famous of all comets, Comet Halley. They’ll become visible in their greatest numbers on the night of October 20-21, and especially in the dark hours before dawn on October 21. At the peak, from a dark site, you might expect to see about 25 meteors per hour (Earth and Sky info).


PAS scheduled this meteor shower observation on a weekend to enable the most number of viewers to come. Despite its pre-peak schedule, we hope to see fireballs as in last year's observation.


Please bring your mat (or any material to lie on), drinking water/some snack provisions, warm clothing for the overnight activity. No need for a telescope or binoculars.

Urban Observation Invitation

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The PAS Shirt

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The front design focuses the PAS logo superimposed on the symbolic Sun and shows the website address for all details re the Society. Orange represents the Sun's color and symbolizes the fervor, strength, dedication, and service of the Philippine Astronomical Society in its free astronomical outreach to the public.


The back design shows the Trifid Nebula, representing the Universe, being viewed through the telescope by a PASer . The design also delineates the organizational mission and vision. Photo of Trifid Nebula is by PAS Board Member Emeritus John Nassr of Baguio City.


The shirt's blue or black color represents the cosmic space.


Upcoming Sky Events

No upcoming events

Upcoming and Past PAS Events


May 6-7   -  BigHandys Grounds Overnight  Stargazing

April 22-23 -  BigHandys Grounds Overnight Stargazing

March 19  -  Free Telescope and Celestial Navigation Workshop for members only at Semicon Bldg, Pasig.

February 11-18  -  2017 National Astronomy Week celebration at San Beda, Manila

February 4-5  -  Overnight Stargazing at Big Handys Grounds, Tanay, Rizal


December 10-11 -  Geminid Meteor Shower Observation and Stargazing at BigHandys Grounds, Tanay.

October 21-23 - PAS Astronomy- Ecotourism Pilgrimage at Monreal, Masbate.

October 8  -  Monthly Meeting at Miriam College High School

September 24 - Monthly meeting at Immaculate Conception Parish School, Malabon (cancelled)

August 27 - Monthly meeting at QC Science Interactive Center ner SM Annex, Bago Bantay, QC

July 30 - Meeting and lecture/ Election of BOD at Adamson University in collaboration with the Physics Society of Adamson University

July 23 - National Museum Tour

June 25 - Monthly Meeting and Lecture at Polytechinc University of the Philippines, Main Campus, Claro M. Recto Hall, Teresa St., Manila from 2 to 5pm. Required pre-registration on or before June 18, 2016. open to PAS members and non-members.

May 7-8   -   Stargazing and Eta Aquarids Meteor Shower Observation at BigHandy's Grounds, Tanay, Rizal

April 21-24  -  PAS Goes to Ilocos, a 3day, 2 night tour of Ilocos. Aside from the tours of sights and interests in Ilocos, PAS may observe the peak of the Lyrids meteor shower at a beach on the night of April 22 or 23.

March 9      -   Partial Solar Eclipse Observation at Manila Observatory from 6am to 10am.

February 13-20  - National Astronomy Week Celebration, De La Salle University, Taft and Miriam College High School, katipunan Quezon City

January 23  -  Free PAS lectures 2-5 pm at De la Salle University Taft Avenue, Manila

January 16   -  Search for Comet Catalina at Manila Observatory roofdeck


Dec. 12-13  - PAS Geminids overnight observation at Big Handy's Grounds, Tanay

Nov 28     - PAS Lectures 2-5 pm at Philippine Normal University, Taft Avenue, Manila

Oct. 17 - Regular monthly meeting at Miriam College High School, 2-5 pm

Sept. 29 - "Lecture" at Alejandro Roces Science Tech High School (3pm-5pm)

Sept. 12 - BOD meeting at PAS office, Semicon Bldg. Pasig City

Sept. 5  -  "Lecture" at Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Valenzuela (12pm - 2pm & 3pm-5pm)

August 29    - Monthly meeting and Election of officers at PUP, Sta. Mesa campus

May 30-31   -  ALVIERA BRIGHTSCAPE CAMPFEST, SandBox, Porac, Pampanga.

May 23       -   Guided PAS tour of 150th Anniversary Manila Observatory exhibits

May 16-17  -  Overnight stargazing at Big Handy;s Grounds, Cuyumbay, Tanay

April 23-26  - PAS 3d/2n Trip to Puerto Galera, Mindoro

April 21  -


WHEN - APRIL 21 (Tuesday) 2-4 PM

WHERE - East Asia-FEU Morayta

Details to come. Please pre-register with Hernan Dizon at 09184638951. Note: strict compliance is requested.

March 21 - PAS Regular Monthly Meeting at PUP (Polytechnic University of the Philippines) from 1:30-5:00 PM at PUP Main Campus, Teresa St. Sta. Mesa, Mla to be held at Hyundai AudioVisual Rm, Charlie del Rosario Bldg.


February 14-21 - National Astronomy Week. Opening activities/competitions at Oz Bldg, Adamson University, San Marcelino St., Manila. See NAW Poster at Home page and at NAW 2015 page.

January 31 PAS observed the five visible planets - Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn and Comet Lovejoy at Manila Observatory roofdeck, Ateneo de Manila Univ, Loyola Heights, QC. Overnight observation will start at 6pm January 31Saturday to 5am Sunday February 1. Comet Lovejoy viewing will be once in a lifetime because it will be seen again on Earth after 8000 years.

January 24  - PAS Monthly Meeting at De La Salle University, Taft from 1:30 to 5:00pm held at St. Joseph Building, 5th Flr.


Your interest in astronomy is your only requirement to become a PAS Member. PAS will teach you all the rest and you will learn from the organization all the how-tos and astronomy info by joining meetings and events. You need not have a telescope of your own.

Please do the following:

1. Download Membership form from Members Page or Membership Form Page.

2. Fill out membership form and attach a photo.

3. Deposit your 500p initial membership fee to PAS BPI Checking  acct 3081111722.

4. Email your scanned deposit slip, filled-out membership form, and separate ID photo to [email protected] .



The following are now what you get as a PAS member:

PAS ID needed to claim discounts


2. PAS Membership Certificate

3. PAS button pin

4. PAS Membership Handbook

5. Free participation in all PAS events where nonmembers pay a joining fee.

6. Free entrance to the National Museum Planetarium during their scheduled showings.

7. 10% discount on Celestron scopes and accessories in all Cutting Edge Stores.

8. 50% discount on your tektite purchase from a tektite collector/supplier. Available during PAS meetings and events.

9. 10% discount at Califruits and Blooms Flowershop. Order online or call owner Maitz Aquino at 09052354805 or at 09474300940.

10. 5% discount from your package adventures, mountain climbs, travel/hotel bookings from CHOOSE US TRAVEL based in Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental. Please contact the proprietor/manager Lucille Teleron at 099885924528.

11. 5% discount at Pizza Volante, Session Road, Baguio City through owner PASer John Nassr.

12. 30% discount at Golden Leaf Spa at Semicon Building in Pasig City.

13. 10% discount at Art of Taco - Mexican restaurant located at the 2nd floor of Light Mall in Mandaluyong. They will eventually branch out nationwide. Contact 9411102,

14. 10% discount at Hainanese Delights (famous for their unlimited Hainan rice)  located at 2nd Floor, Robinsons Forum Pioneer, Mandaluyong. Contact Manager Lance Tambalque at 09158875235.

15. 10% discount at Balai B + B - Located at 53 Burgos st. Tuguegarao City, Cagayan, Balai b+b Hotel is close to all - market, church, stores, schools, etc. Landline is 078-844-5283; Globe, 09158543370. Please contact Hotel Manager Oscar Lavadia.

16. The Mind Museum

P950 discounted rate for three (3) Weekday All Day Pass Gift Certificate (originally at P2,250) to all members. A maximum sale of ten (10) All Day Pass Gift Certificate are allowed per person. Promo is only available during booth activation in a PAS gathering.

17. 10% discount at Mindoro Korea Beach Resort (with swimming pool) at White Beach, Puerto Galera. Please contact Manager Alvin Consaludo at 09279581010 or at 09202366744.

18. Discount on your local and international airfares/ bus fares nationwide. Call Hanguk Travel Express at (02) 239 7208. Or pm Proprietor PASer Lamer Morales. Agency address: 497 N. Cruz St., Palatiw, Pasig 1600.

19. 15% discount at Luisa's Lodge at White beach, Oriental Mindoro. Call Lodge owner Luisa Mendoza at 09064788567, 9322339705, 09493985825. Their lodge has hot and cold water.

20. 15% discount at Crown Lodge Beach Hotel, Station 2, Boracay. Please call Manager Joam Rosal at 09179242930 or at 09075492995.

21. 15% discount at Tonglen Beach Resort at Boracay, with swimming pool, 3 min-walk to Station 2 beach. Call Manager Ivy first at (63) (36) 2883457/ 2885190; Fax# (63) (36) 2883919; email [email protected]; website:

22. 15% discount at Conquer Outdoor Equipment, 2nd level, Robinsons Pioneer Mall, cor. Edsa and Pioneer5 St., Mandaluyong City. Ph: 7470726. Other store at Fairview Terraces Branch, Quezon City. Or check Conquer Online Store. Website: https//

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