Asteroid Gallia Observation Asteroid Gallia Observation Here we are - having fun despite Zeta's no-show! (On the way back to Manila; behind is Agoo Church.) 103216775 Group picture (2) at Agoo Church on the way back to Manila. 103216773 Group picture (3) at Agoo Church on the way back to Manila. 103216774 Group picture (4) at Agoo Church on the way back to Manila. 103216772 Ghela Lequiron and Miguel Artificio at Petron group stop for breakfast on the way to sites. 101294431 Hernan Dizon, Lordnico Mendoza, Allen Yu. 101294433 Stopping for lunch at Agoo. 103216764 Team Delta - UP Astronomical Society. Anthony Urbano, Erika Valdueza, PJ Jane Quimba, Sigrid Batongbakal. 101294534 Kelvin Martinez and Pauline Divinagracia of Rizal Technological University Astronomy Society. Showing off the famous turtle. 101294430 Ronald Tanco explaining the sites to Ian Allas, Rhayan Coronel, Kelvin Martinez.. 101294432 The group at Mang Inasal Restaurant for lunch. 101294536 Erika Valdueza of UP and Lordnico Mendoza of RTU. 101294535 Resting at Sea and Sky Hotel. 101294542 Pauline Divinagracia and Kelvin Martinez of RTU Astronomy Society. 101294538 Miguel Artificio of RTU Astronomy Society. Hey, give me a punch! 101294539 Ghela Lequiron and Rhayan Coronel of RTU Astronomy Society. Suntukin kita diyan! 101294540 Ghela Lequiron. 101294541 Ian Allas with his students from Quezon City Science High School (names withheld on request) . 103216766 The Team Delta UP Astrosoc lady members. 103216765 The three past presidents of UP Astronomical Society? 101294544 Having a nice group time at Sea and Sky Hotel. 101294543 Engr. Dacanay with the three lady observers. 101294537 The group having dinner at a Chinese restaurant at San Fernando. 101294552 Now in business - checking the equipment. Project leader Ronald Tanco and Team Delta leader Anthony Urbano. 101294545 Ronald Tanco and Anthony Urbano. 101294547 Nico inspired. 101294549 Making sure all are okay and none missing. 101294548 Preparing/checking equipment. 101294550 Checking binocs too. 101294546 Making sure everything is synchronized. 101294551 Last meeting before the event. 101294553 Ooops, group's weather forecaster Nico Mendoza announces the bad news at 7:30 PM - cloudy sky all over the archipelago. 101294554 The Quezon City Science High School students. 101294556 Getting ready to go to stations? 101294555 Now leaving for their respective stations. 101294557 Gallia Observation Engr. Camilo Dacanay. 101294427 Gallia Observation Team Charlie members Ian Allas with QCSHS students still in smiles. 101294426 Marnelli Atienza fiddling with the tiny videocam. 101294428 Looking hopelessly at the cloudy sky. 101294429 All no smiles. Grim forecast. 101294558 Setting up the equipment at the site. 101294560 Ian Allas cast a forlorn look at the hopelessly cloudy sky. 101294561 Team Bravo members Allen Yu and Kelvin Martinez checking their equipment at site Sta. Cruz, Ilocos Sur. 102269573 Team Bravo leader Engr. Camilo Dacanay at same site Sta. Cruz. 102269574 Engr. Dacanay aiming telescope at supposed Zeta Hydrae sky location while Kelvin Martinez fixes other equipment. 102269575 Team Bravo's data checking at Sta. Cruz, Ilocos Sur. 102269576 Engr. looking problematic at Zeta no-show. 102269577 Allen Yu and Kelvin Martinez checking their equipment. 102269578 Team Delta at site San Fernando, La Union. From left: Anthony Guiller Urbano, Pb Jane Quimba, Sigrid Batongbakal, Johanna Erika Valdueza. 102269579 Erika Valdueza - always smiling but now serious. 101294559 The screenshot shows Zeta Hydrae (a bright dot on the lower left of the frame) a minute after key time. Image from Team Delta UP Astronomical Society. 102269572 What's inside that box, Allen? 103216767 Are you kidding - a turtle? 103216768 Yep. Allen's turtle. 103216769 Heard this was the send-off group? 103216770 Same send-off group. 103216771