PAS Campus Tour @ La Salle College, Antipolo - 16 Sep 2011 PAS Campus Tour @ La Salle College, Antipolo - 16 Sep 2011 PAS Campus Tour goes to La Salle College, Antipolo 137972589 LSCA Football Field 137972590 The Crowd @ St. La Salle Hall 137972591 Masters of Ceremony by Christine Joy De Padua and Sheirland Garcia 137972592 Opening Prayer by Maria Parice Refuerzo, I-A Class Mayor 137972595 137972593 137972594 Philippine National Anthem lead by Mariah Hazel Condat, I-A 137972598 137972596 137972597 Welcome Remarks by Ms. Johanna Solero, NHS Coordinator 137972599 Discussion about 'Beyond Space & Time' by Engr. Camilo Dacanay 137972600 Question answered by Rica Mae Bautista, I-A 137972601 Question answered by Aira Ilan, V-A 137972602 Question answered by Ma. Kimberly Toling, V-A 137972603 137972604 137972605 Mr. Carlo Kristoffer Toledo, standing at the far right. Mr. Carlo Kristoffer Toledo, one who gives Engr. Camilo Dacanay the Certificate of Appreciation and the main coordinator of this Campus Tour Event. 137972606 137972607 137972608 137972609 Astronomy and Cosmology [eg. elaboration] Astronomy is about the trees. Cosmology is about the forest. 137972610 137972611 137972612 137972613 137972614 2.2 From the slowest to the fastest 137972615 3.0 From coldest to hottest 137972616 137972617 Channels of Astronomical and Astrophysical Information 1. Electromagnetic Radiation 137972618 5.0 Particle Collider 137972619 137972620 Thenknis Camara, jotting down notes, and leads the closing prayers afterwards. 137972621 Alma Mater Song lead by Marridel Urminita & Planet Shakers Club President 137972622 Singing there Alma Mater Song. 137972623 Introduction on Telescope, and how to install them by Hernan Dizon 137972624 Question answered by Myla Pasaje 137972625 Question from Christine Joy De Padua 137972626 Question answered by Jeanette Telles 137972627 Christine Joy De Padua, is searching for her Astronomical Zodiac, Scorpio by navigating through Stellarium Software. 137972628 Hernan M. Dizon, installing the Telescope. @ LSCA Football Field. 137972630 Ms. Johanna Solero with her fellow Faculty Members. 137972629 Waiting for stars and planets to show up. Weather is a bit partial to cloudy sky. =( 137972631 At last the moon have showed up. Hurray!!!! =) 137972632 Fall in line please. Oops, take care never to touch the telescope, so it won't lose it's focal alignment. =) 137972633 137972634 137972635 137972636 137972637 Kuya Freddie, La Salle College, Antipolo Company Driver 137972638 The outcome of everybody's hard-work and everyone's wishing for. A glimpse of the moon, approximate time 9:13PM 137972639 Jayson Labeo (black shirt pointing his finger to his friends ), who introduce the guest speaker Engr. Camilo Dacanay 137972640 137972641 137972642 137972643