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NAW 2017

BSYA celebrates National Astronomy Week with PAS: A Summary
By Almirah Tabao Amin | Photo by Roland Roldan
Taken from The Appulse Vol. 50 No. 92

In collaboration with the Philippine Astronomical Society (PAS), the Bedan Society for Young Astronomers (BSYA) celebrated the National Astronomy Week (NAW) last February 11, 13-17, 2017 at San Beda College Manila. With more than 20 schools officially registered as participants for the event, the event organizers were successful in administering activities and competitions such as astro-quiz, youth video, astrophotography, and on the spot poster-making contest. Aiming to promote the love for the study of astronomy, there were several speakers who shared their knowledge with the young minds of today’s generation.

To officially open the week-long event, the twenty-two participating schools started by registering at Abbot Lopez Hall last February 11. The program began with a prayer, and then followed by specific instructions and guidelines to all the participating students in all the activities endorsed during the ceremony.

The activities started with the astro-quiz eliminations round, with students given questionnaires and answer sheets to compete.

Meanwhile, the other participating students for the on the spot poster-making contest started drawing art from their hands, made of passion and creativity, at Jubilee Garden. It was an open space to draw an inspiration from.

After hours of waiting, the main organizers published the results of the top 14 schools for the championship rounds. The activity was conducted by flashing a question through a PowerPoint presentation with choices to choose from.

The questions raised started from easy, medium, up to hard. Students then were instructed to raise their answers by writing on an illustration board using a chalk. Before the prices were awarded, Minerva Rañeses, a Mars One candidate, shared her thoughts on traveling and living permanently on Mars.

After hours of competing, it was announced a tie. In order to decide for the true winning team, the two teams competed once more for the championships.

Headed by the Philippine Astronomical Society’s President, Ms. Leah Villalon, the recognition and awarding ceremony for the participants of on the spot poster-making contest, youth video, astrophotography, and astro-quiz was done to conclude the event. Students were given medals and trophies for their active participation, while judges were given certificates of recognition. Youth videos were also shown to be viewed by the audience.

No matter how exciting the event has been, all things must come to an end. To formally end the weeklong event, Christian Noel Cantero conducted a workshop about celestial navigation and telescope at the Conference Hall of San Beda College Manila.